Aurec Home
strengthens the team


Rami Geris joined the team and took the position of Chief Financial Officer.

Aurec Home company is expanding managing personnel. Rami Geris joined the team and took the position of Chief Financial Officer.

Rami Geris – Haifa University alumni, worked at Ronson Development company as a Financial Director. Previously, he was also an auditor at E&Y and Zev Salomon & Co. in Israel. 

We are glad that Rami Geris will support our ranks. He is an experienced manager who has extensive knowledge of the Polish real estate market – says Shraga Weisman, president and co-owner of Aurec Home.

Aurec Home will soon start construction of housing estates in Warsaw’s districts: near ul. Łopuszańska (Włochy) and ul. Silnikowa (Ursus). There will be approximately 800 apartments built in each investment. In the first stage, the company wants to build 150 units.

The housing estates will combine high quality with achievable prices. Their best features will be intelligent technologies and modern ecological solutions such as recreational areas prepared by the best landscape architects, greenhouses for residents use, solar energy supply for common areas, and parking lots with charging stations for eco-cars. Estates will also include fitness gyms both indoor and outdoor for all tenants. 

Aurec Home is part of the international group called Aurec Capital, which has developed real estate investments in Germany, Poland, the United States, Israel, Australia, and Hungary. Its president and co-owner Shraga Weisman is a well-known and respected manager with 25 years of international experience in the development industry, including the Polish market.