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We are part of Aurec Capital Group belonging to an international brand operating in over four continents. Learn more

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Do you want to trust a strong experienced company ? Choose Aurec Home and sleep peacefully. We are a part of Aurec Capital which cares about the environment while doing investments all over the world. All that so that it can be beneficial for both you and nature!

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Our strengths

We deliver quality for everyone offering the wide range of the best quality products at affordable prices. The offer is adjusted to customers at each stage of their life.

Our roots

We are an international group with successful investments on European markets. We combine global experience with the knowledge of Polish market , culture and people.

Our mission

We would like to create the highest quality investments thanks to the inteligent, aesthetic solutions of the green areas that can result in more comfortable, safer and more attractive everyday life.


Our team

Shraga Weisman

CEO of Aurec Home with 25- year experience in leading and managing development operations in Poland and on the international market.

Rami Geris

CFO of Aurec Home. The high quality specialist in managing finance on international markets. He has gained the experience as the Financial Director working for the international class developer.

Tomasz Trzyszka

The Technical Director of Aurec Home who has gained the many years experience by managing the development investments with leading developers.

Mariola Żak

Sales and Marketing Director. She has gained the experience of managing sales teams, recognised by various awards, by leading sales networks in one of the most popular banks. Recently, she was managinig the company operating developers’ sales offices in Warsaw.